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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Spectral Theory and Partial Differential Equations

17 July - 11 August 2006

Organisers: Professor M van den Berg (Bristol), Professor B Helffer (Orsay), Professor A Laptev (Stockholm), Professor AV Sobolev (Birmingham)

List of short stay invited participants

Name Institution Visit Dates
Ashbaugh, M Email Address Home Page University of Missouri 23 Jul - 4 Aug
Banuelos, R Email Address Purdue University 20 Jul - 29 Jul
Buslaev, V Email Address NIIF St Petersburg State University 23 Jul - 6 Aug
Coulhon, T Email Address Home Page Universitť de Cergy-Pontoise 17 Jul - 28 Jul
Davies, EB Email Address Home Page Kings College London 17 Jul - 28 Jul
Elton, D Email Address Home Page Lancaster University 24 Jul - 28 Jul
6 Aug - 11 Aug
Evans, WD Email Address Home Page Cardiff University 23 Jul - 4 Aug
Exner, P Email Address Home Page Czech Academy of Sciences 17 Jul - 22 Jul
Friedlander, L Email Address Home Page The University of Arizona 17 Jul - 30 Jul
Friesecke, G Email Address University of Warwick 7 Aug - 8 Aug
Gilkey, PB Email Address Home Page University of Oregon 17 Jul - 22 Jul
Grigor'yan, A Email Address Home Page Universitaet Bielefeld 23 Jul - 27 Jul
Herbst, I Email Address Home Page University of Virginia 6 Aug - 11 Aug
Hundertmark, D Email Address Home Page University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 23 Jul - 5 Aug
Kiselev, A Email Address University of Wisconsin, Madison 23 Jul - 31 Jul
Klopp, F Email Address Home Page Universite de Paris Nord 17 Jul - 28 Jul
Kordyukov, YU Email Address Russian Academy of Sciences 6 Aug - 12 Aug
Kuchment, P Email Address Home Page Texas A&M University 17 Jul - 29 Jul
Kurylev, Y Email Address Loughborough University 24 Jul - 27 Jul
Levitin, M Email Address Home Page Heriot-Watt University 23 Jul - 5 Aug
Lieb, EH Email Address Home Page Princeton University 23 Jul - 28 Jul
Liskevich, V Email Address Home Page University of Bristol 24 Jul - 30 Jul
Parnovski, L Email Address University College London 24 Jul - 30 Jul
Polterovich, L Email Address Tel Aviv University 17 Jul - 22 Jul
Rodionov, T Email Address Moscow State University 21 Jul - 31 Jul
Rozenblioum, G Email Address Chalmers Institute of Technology 24 Jul - 6 Aug
Safarov, Y Email Address Home Page Kings College London 24 Jul - 27 Jul
Seeley, R Email Address University of Massachusetts at Boston 17 Jul - 29 Jul
Shargorodsky, E Email Address Home Page King's College London 23 Jul - 28 Jul
Smilansky, U Email Address Home Page Weizmann Institute of Science 30 Jul - 11 Aug
Solomyak, M S Email Address Weizmann Institute of Science 24 Jul - 6 Aug
Suslina, T Email Address St Petersburg State University 19 Jul - 29 Jul
van den Berg, M Email Address Home Page University of Bristol 17 Jul - 29 Jul
Weidl, T Email Address Universitšt Stuttgart 24 Jul - 6 Aug

* = denotes visit awaiting confirmation

Please note: This list contains the names of those attending the programme for fourteen days or fewer. For information on those attending for fifteen days or more see: Long stay participants.

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