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Accepted Posters

Name Title Abstract
Borisov, D Spectrum of a Schroedinger operator perturbed by a fast oscillating periodic potential Abstract
Forster, C Trapped modes in a perturbed elastic plate Abstract
Hansson, A Optimal Lieb-Thirring constants for an exactly solvable Schrödinger operator with Aharonov-Bohm magnetic field Abstract
Hille, M Glueing at infinity and invariance of the spectrum of the Laplacian Abstract
Kulczycki, T The Cauchy process and the Steklov problem Abstract
Kuznetsov, N Uniqueness in the water-wave problem for bodies intersecting the free surface at arbitrary angles Abstract
Mangoubi, D On the inner radius of nodal domains Abstract
Ozanova, K Approximation by point potentials in the norm resolvent sense Abstract
Pankrashkin, K Periodic quantum graphs with magnetic fields Abstract
Richard, S A universal topological Levinson's theorem (joint work Johannes Kellendonk) Abstract
Sacchetti, A Nonlinear double well Schrodinger equations in the semiclassical limit Abstract

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