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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Spectral Theory and Partial Differential Equations

17 July - 11 August 2006

Organisers: Professor M van den Berg (Bristol), Professor B Helffer (Orsay), Professor A Laptev (Stockholm), Professor AV Sobolev (Birmingham)

List of long stay invited participants

Name Institution Visit Dates
Fulling, SA Email Address Home Page Texas A&M University 17 Jul - 6 Aug
Helffer, B Email Address Universitť Paris Sud 17 Jul - 11 Aug
Hempel, R Email Address Technische Universitšt Braunschweig 28 Jul - 11 Aug
Hoffmann-Ostenhof, M Email Address Universitšt Wien 23 Jul - 6 Aug
Hoffmann-Ostenhof, T Email Address University of Vienna 23 Jul - 11 Aug
Laptev, A Email Address Home Page Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden 17 Jul - 6 Aug
Melrose, RB Email Address MIT 24 Jul - 29 Jul
Pushnitski, A Email Address Home Page King's College London 19 Jul - 11 Aug
Shubin, M A Email Address Home Page Northeastern University 23 Jul - 6 Aug
Sobolev, AV Email Address University of Birmingham 17 Jul - 11 Aug

* = denotes visit awaiting confirmation

Please note: This list contains the names of those attending the programme for fifteen days or more. For information on those attending for fourteen days or fewer please see: Short stay participants.

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