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Accepted Posters

Name Title Abstract Session No
CP Arun Ising on the CAKE: Phase transitions in contraction-asynchronous kinematic ensembles Abstract tba
S Auer Computational study of the role of misfolded proteins in neurodegenerative diseases Abstract tba
JPK Doye Inhibition of protein crystallization by evolutionary negative design Abstract tba
MM Dupin Towards the mesoscopic modelling of blood flow: A lattice Boltzmann approach Abstract tba
RJ Hawkins A coarse-grained model of entropic allostery Abstract tba
MJ Howard Oscillations, fluctuations and positional information in bacterial cell division Abstract tba
KM Page Module dynamics of cellular signalling Abstract tba
CJ Proctor Biology of Ageing e-Science Integration and Simulation (BASIS) System Abstract tba
D Vavylonis Dynamics of actin filaments: non-linear growth kinetics and the role of fluctuations Abstract tba

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