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Final Scientific Report

MASAMB-XIV: 14th Annual Meeting Atomistic Biological Physics Discussion Group

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Statistical Mechanics of Molecular and Cellular Biological Systems

19 Jan - 9 Jul 2004

Organisers: Dr T Duke (Cambridge), Professor J Molloy (York), Professor T McLeish (Leeds), Professor W Poon (Edinburgh), Professor P Stockley (Leeds), Professor J Trinick (Leeds)

Journal of the Royal Society, Interface - Theme Issue

A year or so on from the programme we thought it would be interesting to collect together some of the consequent results in published form. The Royal Society's new journal INTERFACE was an appealing channel - like the programme itself it provides a forum where life scientists and physical scientists are equally welcome as authors and readers, especially in collaborative teams! The collection of seven papers, plus an introductory article, cover most of the sub-themes of the programme itself.

Of course this sequence by no means exhausts the results of the programme itself. Please notify me, or the Newton Institute Librarian, of any other published material that arises from discussions or work carried out during the "Statistical Mechanics of Molecular and Cellular Biological Systems" programme!

Tom McLeish

Article 1: Tom McLeish: Introduction: Statistical mechanics of molecular and cellular biological systems (65.7KB .pdf)

Article 2: Rhoda J Hawkins and Tom McLeish: Dynamic allostery of protein alpha helical coiled-coils (401KB .pdf)

Article 3: Vincenzo Cutello, Giuseppe Narzisi and Giuseppe Nicosia: A multi-objective evolutionary approach to the protein structure prediction problem (1.21MB .pdf)

Article 4: Maria J Schilstra and Stephen R Martin: An elastically tethered viscous load imposes a regular gait on the motion of myosin-V. Simulation of the effect of transient force relaxation on a stochastic process (416KB .pdf)

Article 5: Katherine MN Oates, Wendy E Krause, Ronald L Jones and Ralph H Colby: Rheopexy of synovial fluid and protein aggregation (1.61MB .pdf)

Article 6: Babatunde A Ogunnaike: Elucidating the digital control mechanism for DNA damage repair with the p53–Mdm2 system: single cell data analysis and ensemble modelling (314KB .pdf)

Article 7: Ovidiu Radulescu, Sandrine Lagarrigue, Anne Siegel, Philippe Veber and Michel Le Borgne: Topology and static response of interaction networks in molecular biology (275KB .pdf)

Article 8: Eshel Ben-Jacob and Herbert Levine: Self-engineering capabilities of bacteria (1.27MB .pdf)