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Accepted Posters

Name Title Abstract
Yoshiaki Araki 3D Quasi-Fuchsian Fractals Abstract
Anneke Bart The Generalized Cuspidal Cohomology Problem (with K.P. Scannell) Abstract
Dmitriy Derevnin and Alexander Mednykh Geometry of knot and link cone manifolds Abstract
Alastair Fletcher On the zeros of functions in the Bers space Abstract
David Futer Unknotting Tunnels for Hyperbolic Knots Abstract
Dan Goodman Infinite spirals in the Maskit slice Abstract
Kentaro Ito Exotic projective structures and quasi-fuchsian space Abstract
Toshihiro Nakanishi Complexification of lambda length as parameter for SL(2,C) representation space of punctured surface groups Abstract
Igor Nikolaev Noncommutative geometry of hyperbolic 3-manifolds Abstract
Jessica Purcell The shape of cusps of hyperbolic knot complements Abstract
Irene Scorza The core chain of circles in the limit set of the Jorgensen's group Abstract
David Wright Coset Enumeration and Geometric Ordering Abstract

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