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Anomalous dimensions of local operators and Pomeron in N=4 SUSY

Lipatov, L (Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute)
Thursday 13 December 2007, 10:15-10:55

Seminar Room 1, Newton Institute


The BFKL approach to the high energy scattering in non-abelian gauge theories is reviewed. In the multi-color QCD the equations for composite states of reggeized gluons in the leading logarithmic approximation have properties of Moebius invariance, holomorphic separability, duality and integrability. In the next-to-leading approximation the eigenvalue of the BFKL kernel in N=4 SUSY is constructed from the most transcendental special functions. In the diffusion approximation the BFKL equation for the Pomeron wave function in the framework of the AdS/CFT correspondence coincides with the graviton Regge trajectory. With the use of the hypothesis of maximal transcedentality the anomalous dimension of twist-2 operators is calculated up to 4 loops. The results are in an agreement with the BFKL prediction and with the double-logarithmic resummation only if one would take into account wrapping effects.


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