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Applying the BES trick to QCD

Ferretti, G (Chalmers )
Tuesday 11 December 2007, 16:10-16:50

Seminar Room 1, Newton Institute


I will discuss some preliminary results concerning the application of the Beisert, Eden, Staudacher (BES) "analytic continuation trick" to the two point function of gauge invariant operators in Minkowski space. I will start by briefly reviewing the status of integrability in large N QCD and showing that it necessarily fails at higher loops. The disappointment is somewhat mitigated by the fact that, for confining theories, the anomalous dimension is not the most interesting quantity entering the two point functions. Rather, they are controlled by an infinite sum of zero-width resonances that can be expanded at strong coupling. I will motivate the BES trick in this context and apply it to the correlation functions. After some "adventurous" mathematical manipulations, one is led to what looks like a new series of sum rules that might eventually allow one to make contact with perturbation theory.


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