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Strings in SU(N) gauge theories: zero and nonzero temperature

Bringoltz, B (Oxford)
Friday 24 August 2007, 14:00-14:30

Seminar Room 1, Newton Institute


We calculate the energy spectrum of strings in (2+1)-dimensional SU(N) gauge theories with N=2,3,4,5,6,8. We first focus on zero temperature nd calculate the tensions of strings in different SU(N) representations. We attempt to control various systematic errors, and for the fundamental representation this allows us to compare with the analytic prediction of Karabali, Kim, and Nair. In this case we find that the prediction deviates from our results by at most 3%, which is statistically significant. We proceed to discuss the temperature dependence of the Polyakov loops' spectrum in the confined phase and compare it to the free bosonic string model. For the ground state we find that this model provides a very good approximation for our results, even relatively close to the deconfinement transition. We discuss how our results evolve with the lattice spacing, the number of colors, and make a connection with our previous calculation for the Hagedorn temperature in 3+1 dimensions.

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