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Peristaltic modes of single vortex in U(1) and SU(3) gauge theories

Kojo, T (Kyoto)
Thursday 23 August 2007, 14:00-14:20

Seminar Room 1, Newton Institute


Using the Abelian Higgs model, we study the radial excitations of single vortex and their propagation modes along the vortex line. We call such beyond-stringy modes peristaltic modes of single vortex. With the profile of the static vortex, we derive the vortex-induced potential, i.e., single-particle potential for the Higgs and the photon field fluctuations around the static vortex, and investigate the coherently propagating fluctuations which corresponds to the vibration of the vortex. We derive, analyze and numerically solve the field equations of the Higgs and the photon field fluctuations around the static vortex with various Ginzburg-Landau parameter kappa and topological charge n. Around the BPS value or critical coupling kappa^2=1/2, there appears a significant correlation between the Higgs and the photon field fluctuations mediated by the static vortex. As a result, for kappa^2=1/2, we find the characteristic new-type discrete pole of the peristaltic mode corresponding to the quasi-bound-state of coherently fluctuating fields and the static vortex. We investigate its excitation energy, correlation energy of coherent fluctuations, spatial distributions, and the resulting magnetic flux behavior in detail. Our investigation covers not only usual Type-II vortices with n=1 but also Type-I and Type-II vortices with n no less than 1 for the application to various general systems where the vortex-like objects behave as the essential degrees of freedom. We also consider the peristaltic modes of dual string between quarks using the dual Higgs theory as the effective theory of low energy QCD. The implications for hadron physics will be discussed.

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