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The phase diagram of higher dimensional representations and alternative large N limits: from QCD to minimal walking theories

Sannino, F (NBI Copenhagen \& SDU Odense )
Thursday 23 August 2007, 10:20-11:00

Seminar Room 1, Newton Institute


I will present the phase diagram, as function of number of flavors and colors, for SU(N) gauge theories with matter in "any" irreducible representation of the gauge group.

The talk will then be split into two parts:

QCD applications: The introduction of higher dimensional representations will allow me to define new large N limits capturing properties of QCD at leading N which are poorly described in the 't Hooft one.

New Strong Dynamics at the Electroweak Scale: The phase diagram will provide us with the first and most complete catalogue of strongly coupled theories near an infrared fixed point which can be used to break the Electroweak theory dynamically while not being at odds with precision measurements. Theories near an infrared fixed point have a coupling constant with a "walking" rather than a running dependence on the energy scale and hence are termed "walking" theories. Our phase diagram will allow me to define "Minimal Walking Theories" and their phenomenological consequence for the physics at LHC.



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