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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Semantics of Computation

1 July - 31 December 1995

Organisers: S Abramsky (Imperial College, London), G Kahn (INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis), J C Mitchell (Stanford), A M Pitts (Cambridge)

Summer School on Semantics and Logics of Computation

Programme theme

Monday 25 September

Tuesday 26 September

Wednesday 27 September

Thursday 28 September

Friday 29 September


Samson Abramsky (Imperial) 4 lectures on "Semantics of interaction".
Thierry Coquand (Chalmers) 4 lectures on "Computational content of lassical logic".
Martin Hofmann (Edinburgh) 4 lectures on "Dependent type theory: syntax, semantics, and applications".
Martin Hyland (Cambridge) 4 lectures on "Game semantics".
Eugenio Moggi (Genova) 4 lectures on "Metalanguages and applications".
Mogens Nielsen & Glynn Winskel (Aarhus) 4 lectures on "Models for concurrency".
Andrew Pitts (Cambridge) 3 lectures on "Operationally-based theories of program equivalence".

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