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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Semantics of Computation

1 July - 31 December 1995

Organisers: S Abramsky (Imperial College, London), G Kahn (INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis), J C Mitchell (Stanford), A M Pitts (Cambridge)

Participants list

Abadi, M 9 Aug-6 Sep
Abramsky, S organiser
Benton, PN local participant
Bierman, GM local participant
Brookes, S 6 Jul-30 Sep
Bruce, K 1 Aug-31 Oct
Cardelli, L 6 Aug-8 Sep
Compagnoni, A local participant
Coquand, T 1 Sep-31 Oct
Dybjer, P 25 Sep-15 Dec
Forster, T local participant
Freyd, PJ 6 Jul-15 Dec
Gardner, P 1 Nov-15 Dec
Gordon, AD local participant
Gordon, MJC local participant
Gunter, C 10 Aug-31 Dec
Harper, R 1 Sep-30 Nov
Hennessy, M 28 Aug-9 Sep
Hennessy, M 18 Sep-6 Oct
Hilken, B local participant
Hoare, CAR 6-22 Jul
Huet, G 1-30 Sep
Hyland, JME local participant
Jagadeesan, R 6-31 Jul
Johnstone, PT local participant
Jones, CB 6 Jul-15 Dec
Jung, A 1 Oct-15 Dec
Kahn, G organiser
Lincoln, P 9 Aug-31 Oct
Lipton, J 1 Aug-10 Sep
Longo, G 3-9 Sep
Macqueen, DB 14 Aug-13 Nov
Milner, R local participant
Mitchell, JC organiser
Moggi, E 6 Jul-30 Sep
Montanari, U 20 Jul-20 Aug
Mycroft, A local participant
O'Hearn, P 1 Oct-15 Dec
Ong, C-HL 1 Aug-30 Sep
Paiva, VCVde local participant
Paulson, LC local participant
Pierce, B local participant
Pitts, AM organiser
Power, AJ 1-30 Nov
Rees, G local participant
Reynolds, JC 6 Jul-31 Aug
Riecke, J 1 Oct-15 Dec
Robinson, EP 5-31 Jul
Rosolini, G local participant
Rydeheard, DE local participant, until Oct
Sangiorgi, D 1 Oct-15 Dec
Saraswat, V 6 Jul-31 Aug
Sassone, V 1-30 Nov
Scedrov, A 5 Aug-10 Nov
Schalk, A local participant
Scott, DS 15 Jul-15 Oct
Scott PJ 1 Aug-30 Nov
Sieber, K 6-31 Jul
Stark, IDB local participant
Stoughton, A 6-31 Jul
Tennent, RD 6-31 Jul
Viswanathan R 6 Jul-15 Dec
Wagner, K local participant
Winskel, G 1 Aug-15 Dec
Yonezawa, A 6 Jul-30 Sep
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