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Omnidirectional Relay in Wireless Networks

Xie, L-L (Waterloo)
Thursday 08 April 2010, 16:30-17:30

Seminar Room 1, Newton Institute


For wireless networks with multiple sources, an omnidirectional relay scheme is developed, where each node can help relay multiple messages in different directions. This is accomplished by the decode-and-forward relay strategy, with each relay binning the multiple messages to be transmitted, in the same spirit of network coding. Specially for the all-source all-cast problem, where each node is an independent source to be transmitted to all the other nodes, this scheme completely eliminates interference in the whole network, and the signal transmitted by any node is used by any other node. For networks with some kind of symmetry, assuming no beamforming is to be performed, this omnidirectional relay scheme is capable of achieving the maximum achievable rate. I will try to expose the key ideas behind this interference-free wireless networking, starting with the basic single-relay channel.


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