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Stochastic Networks

22 March - 26 March 2010

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK

Workshop Organisers: Takis Konstantopoulos (Heriot-Watt) and Kavita Ramanan (Brown University).

Workshop Programme Committee: Vivek Borkar (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research), Serguei Foss (Heriot-Watt University), Peter Glynn (Stanford),

Bruce Hajek (University of Illinois), Frank Kelly (Cambridge), P.R. Kumar (University of Illinois), Tom Kurtz (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Jean Mairesse (LIAFA), Philippe Robert (INRIA), John Tsitsiklis (MIT) and Ruth Williams (University of California, San Diego)

in association with the Newton Institute programme

Stochastic Processes in Communication Sciences (11 January to 2 July 2010)

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Professor Francois Baccelli:

Capacity and Error Exponents of Stationary Point Processes with Additive Displacement Noise

We define and analyze the Shannon-Poltyrev capacity of a stationary point process under a stationary and ergodic additive displacement noise. We give a representation of the error probability within this setting in terms of the Palm probability of the underlying point process. In the Poisson case, we use this representation and large deviation techniques for deriving bounds on the associated error exponents. This also leads to bounds on the error exponents of the channel with stationary and ergodic additive noise and with power constraint. Joint work with Venkat Anantharam.

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