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8th International Workshop on Rare Event Simulation

June 2010, Cambridge, UK


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RESIM 2012

RESIM 2010 will be held at Isaac Newton Institute at Cambridge University, UK, June 21-22, 2010.

RESIM 2010 is the 8th workshop in a series of successful events held on the same topic in Aachen (Germany) 1997, Enschede (The Netherlands) 1999, Pisa (Italy) 2000, Madrid (Spain) 2002, Budapest (Hungary) 2004, Bamberg (Germany) 2006, and Rennes (France) 2008.

It covers all aspects of rare event simulation ranging from purely theoretical developments to practical applications. The objective is to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners working in different locations and on different applications to present recent results, exchange ideas, and discuss open problems and new direction. While contributed talks are encouraged, one need not present a paper in order to participate in this event.

The 2010 meeting is being organized as part of a broader simulation workshop sponsored by the Newton Institute at Cambridge University. The RESIM event will dominate the first two days of the workshop (Monday, June 21 and Tuesday, June 22), while the third day (Wednesday, June 23) will consider simulation topics lying outside the rare-event domain. RESIM participants will be automatically registered in this broader three day event. For further details on the broader simulation workshop, please visit:

Isaac Newton Institute - Simulation of Networks Workshop