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Statistics of Networks

24 June 1010 - 25 June 2010

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK

p>Principal Organisers: Sergey Foss (Heriot-Watt) Peter Glynn (Stanford University, USA) Rob Nowak (University of Wisconsin at Madison, USA)
Sid Resnick (Cornell University, USA) Don Towsley (University of Massachusetts at Amherst, USA)
and Darryl Veitch (University of Melbourne, Australia).

in association with the Newton Institute programme Stochastic Processes in Communication Sciences (11 January - 2 July 2010)

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Accepted Posters:

Name Title Poster Session
S.Agarwal, G.Villar, N.Jones Systematic Networks Analysis Poster 1
L.Balzano, B.Recht, R.Nowak Online and Adaptive Subspace Tracking with Highly Incomplete Information Poster 1
B.Eriksson, P.Barford, J.Sommers, R.Nowak A Learning-based Approached for IP Geolocation Poster 1
M.Jain, G.C.Sharma Threshold N-Policy for MX=H2=1 Queueing system with Un-reliable Server and Vacations Poster 1
B.Kauffmann, F.Baccelli Inverse Problems on Bandwith Sharing Networks Poster 1
T.H.McCormick, T.Zheng Latent Structure Models for Social Networks using Aggregated Relational Data Poster 1
B.M Parker, J.A Schormans, S.G Gilmour Measuring Networks : A utility based framework for optimal network measurement Poster 1
F.Pin, D.Veitch, B.Kauffmann Statistical Estimation of Delays in a Multicast Tree using Accelerated EM Poster 1
G.C.Sharma, M.Jain M/M/r queueing system with heterogeneous server, multiple vacations and threshold policy Poster 1
H.Toyoizumi, S.Tani Optimal Spread over Finite-Size Statistical Network Poster 1

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