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Accepted Posters

Name Title Abstract
Butler, A Approximate inference for a latent gaussian model of compositional data with structural zeroes Abstract
Centanni, S A sequential particle filter for a class of doubly stochastic poisson processes Abstract
Cosma, I Principle of detailed balance and simulated annealing convergence assessment Abstract
Czado, C Spatial modelling of claim frequency and claim size in non-life insurance Abstract
Graham, T Does low-level microsatellite instability exist? Abstract
Hemberg, M Perfect Sampling of the Stationary Solution of the Master Equations for Biochemical Networks Abstract
Johansen, AM Sequential Monte Carlo Samplers for Parameter Estimation in Latent Variable Models Abstract
Latuszynski, K (epsolon-alpha)-MCMC-Approximation under Drift Condition Abstract
Leslie, D Sequential Monte Carlo for generalised linear mixed models Abstract
Mackowiak, W Metropolis - Hastings simulation method with spine proposal kernel Abstract Poster
Montesano, L Optimal Filtering For Partially Observed Point Processes Using Trans-Dimensional Sequential Monte Carlo Abstract
Murray, I MCMC for doubly-intractable distributions Abstract
Palomo, J Prior Choice and Efficient Computational in Bayesian Structural Equation Modelling Abstract
Podtelezhnikov, A Learning about Hydrogen bonding in Proteins by Minimizing Contrastive Divergence Abstract
Sainudiin, R Set-valued Particles for Robust Sampling Abstract

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