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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Representation Theory of Algebraic Groups and Related Finite Groups

1 January - 19 June 1997

Organisers: M.Broue (Paris), R.W. Carter (Warwick), J Saxl (Cambridge)


Representation Theory and Related Topics

Friday 4 April 1997


10:30 Coffee

11:15 J.C. Jantzen (Aarhus)
Modular representations of Lie algebras

12:15 Lunch

14:00 G. Malle (Heidelberg)
On rings of invariants of finite linear groups

15:00 M Kashiwara - Please note change of speaker
Crystal Bases for Quantum Groups

16:00 Tea

16:30 G.D. James (IC London)
Immanant problems, no solutions imminent

17:30 Reception

Anyone who is interested is welcome to attend. Lunch will be provided at a nominal cost; please let Tracey Hibbitt at the Institute know by Wednesday 26 March if you intend to come, to help us plan for lunch: telephone (01223) 335984, fax (01223) 330508.

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