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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Quantized Vortex Dynamics and Superfluid Turbulence

7 August to 25 August 2000

Organisers: CF Barenghi (Newcastle), RJ Donnelly (Oregon), WF Vinen (Birmingham)

List of short visit invited participants

for the programme Quantised Vortex Dynamics and Superfluid Turbulence

Namevisit datesStat
Brandenburg, A (Nordita \& Newcastle)13 Aug - 15 AugD
Fisher, S (Lancaster)14 Aug - 16 AugD
Girardeau, M (Arizona)21 Aug - 26 AugD
Huepe, C (Chicago)13 Aug - 19 AugD
Idowu, O (Newcastle)14 Aug - 19 AugD
Krusius, M (Helsinki)12 Aug - 19 AugD
Miroshnychenko, D (Loughborough)13 Aug - 19 AugD
Niemela, J (Oregon)13 Aug - 26 AugD
Namevisit datesStat
Pismen, L (Technion)20 Aug - 26 AugD
Rica, S (LPS, ENS)13 Aug - 19 AugD
Schoepe, W (Regensburg) 6 Aug - 19 AugD
Van Sciver, SW (Florida)13 Aug - 19 AugD
Shivamoggi, B (Central Florida)13 Aug - 19 AugD
Skrbek, L (Oregon)14 Aug - 25 AugD
Skryabin, D (Strathclyde)16 Aug - 18 AugD
Steinberg, V (Weizmann)13 Aug - 18 AugD

Please note: This list contains the names of those attending the programme for fourteen days or fewer. For information on those attending for fifteen days or more see: Long stay participants.

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