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An Isaac Newton Institute Workshop

Quantum Statistics - quantum measurements, estimation and related topics

Quantum estimation for non-differentiable models

Authors: Yoshiyuki Tsuda (Chuo Univ.), Keiji Matsumoto (NII)


State estimation is a classical problem in quantum information. In optimization of estimation scheme, to find a lower bound to the error of the estimator is a very important step. So far, all the proposed tractable lower bounds use derivative of density matrix. However, sometimes, we are interested in quantities with singularity, e.g. concurrence etc. In the paper, lower bounds to a Mean Square Error (MSE) of an estimator are derived for a quantum estimation problem without smoothness assumptions. Our main idea is to replace the derivative by difference, as is done in classical estimation theory. We applied the inequalities to several examples, and derived optimal estimator for some of them. (quant-ph/0207150)