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An Isaac Newton Institute Workshop

Entanglement and Transfer of Quantum Information

Distributing entanglement in a multi-zone ion trap

Authors: T. Schaetz (NIST), J. Chiaverini (NIST), D. Leibfried (NIST), M. Barrett (NIST), J. Britton (NIST), W. Itano (NIST), C. Langer (NIST), D. Wineland (NIST)


We discuss experiments devoted to realizing the elements of quantum information processing using trapped ions. We use a multi-zone trap for Be+ ions, where ions can be entangled in one trap zone, then separated and distributed to separate zones where subsequent single- and two-ion gates, and/or detection can be performed. Recent work includes (1) demonstration of a dense-coding protocol, (2) demonstration of enhanced qubit detection efficiency using quantum logic, (3) generation of GHZ states and their application to enhanced precision in spectroscopy, (4) the realization of teleportation with atomic qubits, and (5) the implementation of a three qubit error correction code.

We also discuss work devoted to alternative trap fabrication methods and incorporation of sympathetic cooling in a multiplexed trap structure.

* Supported by the U. S. National Security Agency (NSA) and Advanced Research and Development Activity (ARDA) under Contract No. MOD 7171.04 and by NIST.