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Accepted Posters

Poster Session 1 (Monday 16:30 - 17:30)

Name Title Abstract
A Alonso Complex dynamics near the onset in binary convection in narrow annular cells
W Brunner Defect Dynamics in non-Boussinesq Inclined Layer Convection Abstract
K Daniels Starbursts and wispy drops: Surfactants spreading on gels Abstract
R du Puits Coherent oscillations in highly turbulent convection
M Menghini Visualization of instabilities of patterns in the intermediate state of type-I superconductors
I Mercader Binary mixture convection in cylindrical three-dimensional cells
J Peixinho Transition to turbulence in pipe flow
A Pototsky Morphology changes in the evolution of liquid two-layer films Abstract
J Seddon Particle motion in a Stokes flow near to a boundary
P Tsai Electroconvection in Annular Liquid Crystal Films
M Torralba Destabilization of a Maxwell fluid laminar flow in a tube under periodic forcing
De la Torre Influence of time-dependent flows in the dynamo onset

Poster Session 2 (Thursday 16:30 - 17:30)

Name Title Abstract
U Bortolozzo Control of optical localized structures
R Deegan Persistent holes in shear thickened fluids
L Dong Pattern formation in ac gas discharge
G Guitierrez Patterns from a volatile dripping fluid film
A Juel Fingering instability of an oscillating, viscous interface
J Ortin Anomalous roughening of viscous fluid fronts in spontaneous imbibition
R Planet Roughening of viscous fluid fronts in spontaneous imbibition at high pressure gradient
A Schekochihin How strange is the strange mode?---Diffusion of passive scalar in a finite-scale random flow
T Sykes Granular segregation patterns in anisotropic particles
B Zuriguel Radial segregation of granular materials in a two dimensional rotating drum

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