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Accepted Posters

Name Title Abstract
Gromak, V On power expansions of solutions for equations of the second Painleve hierarchy Abstract
Kaneko, K Painleve VI transcendents which are meromorphic at a fixed singularity Abstract
Kikuchi, T A q-analogue of gl_3 hierarchy and q-Painleve VI Abstract
Matsuda, K Tau function in the confluent case Abstract
Murata, M Two-component soliton systems and the Painleve equations Abstract
Nagoya, H Quantum Painleve systems Abstract
Okumura, S Symmetric solutions of the Painleve equations and mod three reduction Abstract
Suzuki, M Spaces of initial conditions of Garnier system and its degenerate systems in two variables Abstract
Tahara, N An augmentation of the phase space of the system of type A_4^{(1)} Abstract
Treharne, P Reduction of the associated scattering problem for the resonant three wave interaction system to an associated monodromy problem for the fifth Painleve equation Abstract
Tsuda, T Universal characters and q-Painleve equations

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