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An Isaac Newton Institute Workshop

Painleve Equations and Monodromy Problems: Recent Developments

Dissipationless shocks and Painlev\'e equations

Authors: T. Grava (Sissa, Trieste), C. Klein (MIS, Leipzig)


The Cauchy problem for dissipationless equations as the Korteweg de Vries (KdV) equation with small dispersion of order $\epsilon^2$, $\epsilon\ll 1$, is characterized by the appearance of a zone of rapid modulated oscillations of wave-length of order $\epsilon$. Near the gradient catastrophe of the dispersionless equation ($\epsilon=0$), a multi-scales expansion gives an asymptotic solution in terms of a fourth order generalization of Painlev\'e I. At the leading edge of the oscillatory zone, a corresponding multi-scales expansion yields an asymptotic description of the oscillations where the envelope is given by a solution to the Painlev\'e II equation. We study the applicability of these approximations for several PDEs and random matrix models numerically.