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Accepted Short Talks

Name Title Abstract Session Number
Bel, G Weak ergodicity breaking in the continuous time random walk Abstract 2
Bertin, E Relation between global fluctuations in non-equilibrium systems and Gumbel statistics Abstract 4
Davidsen, J Earthquake recurrence as a record breaking process Abstract 4
Guclu, H Extreme fluctuations in small-world-coupled autonomous systems with relaxational dynamics Abstract 2
Kessler, D Fluctuation-regularized front propagation up a reaction-rate gradient Abstract 1
Lythe, G Noisy kinks and diffusion-limited reaction Abstract 1
Mallick, K Effects of the low frequencies of noise on On--Off intermittency Abstract 4
Olla, P First return time distribution for power law correlated Gaussian processes Abstract 3
Oshanin, G Random processes generated by random permutations Abstract 3
Penrose, M Growth of the random interface in ballistic deposition Abstract 2
Taitelbaum, H Interface roughening dynamics of spreading droplets Abstract 2
Volkov, S Recent results for randomly-assigned non-i.i.d. labels on trees Abstract 3

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