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Accepted Posters

Name Title Abstract Session Number
Chandra, S Upper and lower bounds on Heisenberg Model ground state energies in terms of corresponding Ising energies for arbitrary disorder Abstract I
Chatterjee, S Dynamics of fluctuation-dominated phase ordering: Hard-core passive sliders on a fluctuating surface Abstract II
Condamin, S First-passage times for random walks in bounded domains Abstract I
Dhar, D Probability distribution of residence times of grains in ricepiles Abstract II
Escudero, C Stochastic resonance due to internal noise in reaction kinetics Abstract I
Fedele, F Explaining freak waves by a stochastic theory of wave groups Abstract II
Fouladvand, ME Boundary-bulk interplay of molecular motor traffic flow through a closed compartment Abstract II
Ghosh, A Random Trimer Tilings Abstract I
Gleeson, J Oscillator phase diffusion due to low-frequency coloured noise Abstract II
Hurtado, P The simplest piston problem Abstract I
Lecomte, V Dynaimcal phases in stochastic systems Abstract I
Lohmar, I Hydrogen recombines on interstellar dust: How much spatial aspects matter Abstract I
Moloney, NR Extreme value statistics in 1/f^{\alpha} signals Abstract II
Rosso, A Effects of boundary conditions in non-Markovian Gaussian processes Abstract I
Sabhapandit, S Density of states relative to the extreme II
Smith, R Survival probabilities in the double trapping reaction A +B -> B, B + C -> C Abstract II
Tailleur, J Revealing rare structures in phase space Abstract I
Tamm, M The modified ASEP model with two internal states of the particles Abstract II
Tordjman, S Discreteness, stochastisity and persistence time Abstract II
Unterberger, J Complex-time quantum stochastic processes associated with Kac-Moody algebras Abstract I
Watkins, N First passage and related diagnostics in standard and fractional Levy motion: Numerical modelling and comparison with solar wind-magnetosphere data Abstract I

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