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Accepted Posters

Session 1, Session II, Session III and Session IV

Session I - Monday 27 March @ 14:00 - 15:00

Name Title Abstract
RML Evans What happens to detailed balance away from equilibrium Abstract
S Gupta Steady state dynamics of fluctuations in the homogeneous zero-range process Abstract
T Hanney The zero-range process and the dynamics of rewiring networks Abstract
R Harris Breakdown of Gallavotti-Cohen symmetry for stochastic dynamics Abstract
A Povolotsky Unequal time correlation functions for the discrete time asymmetric exclusion process with fully parallel update Abstract
A Rakos Bethe ansatz and current distribution for the TASEP with particle-dependent hopping rates Abstract
A Simha Transition rates in non-equilibrium steady states of interacting particles Abstract
K Sugden The asymmetric exclusion process on a growing lattice: A model for fungal growth Abstract
SJ Watson Characterization of the coarsening dynamics of a multi-Scale continuum model for faceted crystal growth Abstract
M Woelki Exclusion processes with non-factorising steady states Abstract

Session II - Tuesday 28 March @ 14:00 - 15:00

Name Title Abstract
O Al Hammal Nonequilibrium long-ranged wetting Abstract
L Canet Non-equilibrium systems and nonperturbative renormalisation group Abstract
B Cerruti Dipolar interactions in ferromagnetic thin films Abstract
K Jain Dynamics of systems with long-range interactions Abstract
H Lee Equivalence between two operator-splitting integrations of DP Langevin equation Abstract
A Lefevre Field theory and exact stochastic equations for interacting particle systems Abstract
S Park Crossover from Pair Contact Process with Diffusion to Directed Percolation Abstract
R Stanczy Self-gravitating particles in microcanonical ensemble Abstract
M Stapleton Universality class of one-dimensional directed sandpile models Abstract
B Vollmayr-Lee The trapping reaction with mobile and reacting traps Abstract

Session III - Thursday 30 March @ 14:00 - 15:00

Name Title Abstract
A Baule Validation of Jarzinsky's equation for a system with strong thermal coupling: an isothermal ideal gas model Abstract
T Bickel Brownian motion near a liquid-like membrane Abstract
J Davidsen Pattern formation in complex-oscillatory media: From spirals to defect-mediated turbulence Abstract
A Gomez-Marin Heat Fluctuations in Brownian Transducers Abstract
P Hurtado Metastability, nucleation, and noise-enhanced stabilization far from equilibrium Abstract
E Levine Non-propagation of noise in a biochemical pathway Abstract
E Noorizadeh Dynamical techniques for thermostatting time-dependent system Abstract
V Somiskov Irreversibility in classical mechanics Abstract
Y Shokef (Srebro) Minimal modeling of driven dissipative systems Abstract
J Tailleur Revealing structures in phase space Abstract
Y Tourleigh Forced transport across the water-membrane interface Abstract
P Visco On the validity of the Gallavotti-Cohen Fluctuation Relation in driven granular gases Abstract

Session IV - Tuesday 4 April @ 14:00 - 15:00

Name Title Abstract
F Baumann Ageing without detailed balance: The bosonic contact and pair-contact processes Abstract
F Ciskor Statistical mechanics approach to the micron-size crystal plasticity problem Abstract
G De Masi Non-equilibrium dynamical evolution and exposure to liquidity shocks of interbank market complex network Abstract
F Ginelli Microscopic models for collective motion: polar birdoids and active nematics Abstract
M Ha Queuing transitions in the asymmetric simple exclusion process Abstract
A Nagar Clustering in the Passive Scalar Problem Abstract
G Odor Critical behavior of a parity conserving cellular automaton with spatial disorder Abstract
F Peruani Non-equilibrium clustering of self-propelled rod-shaped particles Abstract
P Pradhan Probability distribution of residence times of grains in models of ricepiles Abstract
N Watkins Synthesis of scaling exponents: a fractional Levy model Abstract
J Wood Projects within NANIA: Novel approaches to networks of interacting systems Abstract

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