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Accepted Posters

Name Title Abstract
G Aquino Kovacs effect in a fragile glass model Abstract
G Biroli Landau theory of the mode-coupling transition Abstract
L Delfini Self Consistent Mode Coupling Approach to 1D Heat Transport Abstract
O Erdem Molecular Dynamics of Ethylene Glycol Adsorbed in Zeolites: NMR and Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy Investigations Abstract
P Hurtado Breakdown of Hydrodynamics in the Nonequilibrium Response of a Simple One-Dimensional Fluid Abstract
S Jimenez Temperature Change Experiments in Ising Spin Glass models and Disordered Ferromagnets Abstract
I Junier Folding kinetics of biomolecules in single-molecule experiments Abstract
R Khomeriki Bistability in boundary driven and damped nonlinear lattices Abstract
L Kornyei Nonequilibrium Critical Relaxation in the Random Field Ising Model Abstract
F Mukhamedov On three state Potts model with competing interactions on a cayley tree of order 2 Abstract
S Ostojic Scale invarience and universality of force networks in static granular matter Abstract
M Pleimling Surface ageing phenomena Abstract
V Rayskin Linearization near equilibrium Abstract
F Roshani Static- and dynamical-phase transition in multi-dimensional autonomous reaction-diffusion systems on continua
G Schehr Non Markovian persistence in the diluted Ising model at criticality Abstract
J Tailleur Revealing structures in phase space Abstract
M Tarzia Pattern formation and glassy phase in a field theoretic model for charged colloids Abstract
S Villain-Guillot Cahn-Hilliard Dynamics Abstract

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