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An Isaac Newton Institute Workshop

Relaxation Dynamics of Macroscopic System

Pinning of random directed polymers: Smoothening of the transition and some path properties

10th January 2006

Author: Toninelli, F (ENS Lyon)


I will consider a class of models of directed polymers in interaction with a line of random defects. This includes (d+1)-dimensional pinning problems, the (1+1)--dimensional interface wetting model, random copolymers at selective interfaces and other examples. These models are known to present a (de)localization transition at some critical line in the phase diagram. In absence of disorder, the transition can be either of first or of higher order. I will show that, as soon as disorder is present, the transition is always at least of second order. I will then concentrate on the delocalized phase and discuss some typical properties of the paths. (in collaboration with G. Giacomin (Paris 7))