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Accepted Posters

Name Title Abstract
Ewa Czuchry (Quasi) Local derivation of 0th and 1st laws of black hole thermodynamics Abstract
Yurii V. Dumin Solving the Dynamo Problem by Spectral Decomposition in Terms of the Generalized Spherical Functions Abstract
Alfonso Garcia-Parrado Gómez-Lob Causal structures, generalized symmetries and its applications to general relativity Abstract
Sascha Husa The conformal approach to numerical relativity Abstract
Pavel Klepac On a solution in Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton cosmology Abstract
Ekaterina Koptelova Application of new image reconstruction methods based on different modifications of the regularization algorithm Abstract - pdf
Yong-Joong Lee Field Theoretical Modeling of Divergence Cleaning for Computational Electromagnetism and its Application to Shallow Water MHD Abstract
Makoto Narita Global existence and asymptotic behavior of type IIB superstring cosmology with Gowdy symmetry Abstract
Brien Nolan Global structure of shell-shock space-times Abstract
Jochen Peitz Non-ideal hyperbolic flow onto black holes Abstract
Oliver Sarbach Well posed constraint-preserving boundary conditions for the linearized Einstein equations Abstract
Michael B. Scott An exact, lightlike, shock-wave solution of the Einstein equations Abstract
Sandi Setiawan Gamma-ray bursts from toroidal thick disk accretion on to a black hole Abstract
Carlos F. Sopuerta Inner Boundary Conditions in the Numerical Evolution of Black Holes Abstract
Adam Szereszewski Perfect Fluid Spacetimes With Two Symmetries Abstract
Manuel Torrilhon Locally divergence preserving numerical method for MHD Abstract
Olga Toropina MHD Simulations of Accretion to a Star in the "Propeller" Regime Abstract
Juan Antonio Valiente Kroon A new class of obstructions to the smoothness of null infinity Abstract
Henk van Elst Inhomogeneous cosmological dynamics Abstract

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