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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Neural Networks and Machine Learning

July - December 1997

Organisers: C M Bishop (Aston), D Haussler (UCSC), G E Hinton (Toronto), M Niranjan (Cambridge), L G Valiant (Harvard)

A Newton Institute Themed Week


3 - 7 November, 1997

Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, U.K.

Organisers: L Tarassenko (Oxford), S J Roberts (Imperial) and C M Bishop (Microsoft)

Provisional Programme

Monday 3rd November

15.30 L Tarassenko (Oxford) A Brief History of Neural Computing Applications
16.30 TEA
17.00 C M Bishop (Microsoft) Neural Networks: A Probabilistic Perspective (this is a Newton Institute Seminar)

Tuesday 4th November

Note: the talks on this day will be held in the lecture theatre of Robinson College which is in Grange Road, close to the Institute.

10.00 S J Roberts (Imperial) Pragmatism or Principles?
11.00 COFFEE
11.30 F Fogelman (ATOS) Local Methods for Prediction
12.30 LUNCH
14.00 D Spiegelhalter Biostatistical Applications of Bayesian Graphical Models
15.00 TEA
15.30 A Krogh (Denmark) Computational methods for finding genes in human DNA

Wednesday 5th November

10.00 R Goodman (Caltech) The Intelligent Active Skin
11.00 COFFEE
11.30 S Collins (DRA/Oxford University) The uses and abuses of biologically inspired imaging sensors
12.30 LUNCH
14.00 R Goodman (Caltech) The Electronic Nose
15.00 TEA
15.30 A Robinson The application of neural networks as acoustic models in large vocabulary speech recognition

Thursday 6th November

10.00 B Frey Hierarchical graphical models for coding
11.00 COFFEE
11.30 C Windsor (AEA Technology) Elastic Matching and its Applications
12.30 LUNCH
14.00 M Niranjan (Cambridge) Risk prediction in pregnancy
15.00 TEA
15.30 I Nabney (Aston) Improving the Oilwell Drilling Process

Friday 7th November

10.00 G Tesauro (IBM) Reinforcement Learning and Monte-Carlo Search in Backgammon
11.00 COFFEE
11.30 L Feldkamp (Ford) From Fundamentals to Automotive Applications of Neural Networks
12.30 LUNCH
14.00 Informal discussion
15.00 TEA and close

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