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Noncommutative geometry and the standard model with neutrino mixing

Connes, A (IHES)
Monday 04 September 2006, 15:30-17:30

Seminar Room 1, Newton Institute


We show that allowing the metric dimension of a space to be independent of its KO-dimension and turning the finite noncommutative geometry F-- whose product with classical 4-dimensional space-time gives the standard model coupled with gravity--into a space of KO-dimension 6 by changing the grading on the antiparticle sector into its opposite, allows to solve three problems of the previous noncommutative geometry interpretation of the standard model of particle physics: The finite geometry F is no longer put in ``by hand" but a conceptual understanding of its structure and a classification of its metrics is given. The fermion doubling problem in the fermionic part of the action is resolved. The action now automatically generates the full standard model coupled with gravity with neutrino mixing and see-saw mechanism for neutrino masses. We shall also discuss three predictions of the model including a relation between boson and fermion masses at unification scale.



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