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Accepted Posters

Name Title Abstract Session Poster
Albuquerque, H Lattices in ${R}^n$ obtained by twisting of group algebras Abstract
Bavula, V Generators and defining relations for the ring of differential operators on a smooth affine algebraic variety Abstract
Dotsenko, V A flat deformation of the bi-Hamiltonian operad Abstract Poster
Fel'shtyn, A Twisted Burnside-Frobenius theory for discrete groups Abstract
Hamanaka, M Noncommutative solitons and integrable systems Abstract Poster
Iyudu, N Modules over RIT algebras Abstract
Kaygun, A The universal Hopf cyclic theory Abstract Poster
Lopez, J A product connection in noncommutative geometry Abstract
Manuilov, VM Some recent progress on understanding the Connes-Higson construction Abstract Poster
Martinetti, P Distance in noncommutative geometry Abstract
Maszczyk, T Noncommutative geometry through monoidal categories Abstract
Nichita, FF and Parashar, D Yang-Baxter operators and Yan-Baxter systems from algebra structures Abstract
Nikolaev, I K-invariants of hyperbolic 3-manifolds Abstract
Ponge, RS The higher index formula in noncommutative geometry Abstract
Popescu, R Equivariant KK-theory for non-Hausdorff groupoids and the Baum-Connes assembly map Abstract
Resende, P Quantales, groupoids, and C*-algebras Abstract
Skoda, Z Actions of monoidal categories which represent actions in noncommutative geometry Abstract
Tang, X Algebraic structures on Hochschild cohomology of an orbifold Abstract
Vdovina, A On the order of the class of the unit in K_0 group for two-dimensional Cuntz-Krieger algebras Abstract

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