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Accepted Posters

Name Title Abstract Session
Bieliavsky, P Some aspects of noncommutative symmetric spaces Abstract II
Brain, S Quantum principal bundles in mathematical physics Abstract II
Guha, P Virasoro Action on Pseudodifferential Symbols and Noncommutative Hydrodynamic Type Systems Abstract I Poster
Gurau, RG Parametric representation of noncommutative field theory Abstract I
Hamanaka, M Towards noncommutative twistor programme Abstract I
Harrell, M Physical geometry and the fundamental structure of space and time Abstract I Poster
Poster (Updated Feb 2015)
Krobka, N The Euler kinematical problem solution and four-dimension "Space-time" structure of non-relativistic mechanics Abstract II Poster
Oeckl, R n-point functions and loop graphs in quantum field theory via Hopf algebra Abstract I
Sevastyanov, A A mass generation mechanism for gauge fields Abstract II
Wohlgenannt, M Induced gauge theories on noncommutative spaces Abstract I Poster
Zobin, N Noncommutative Fourier transform, path integrals and construction of noncommutative gauge field theories Abstract I
Zois, I Rotation numbers, boundary forces and gap labelling Abstract II

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