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An Isaac Newton Institute Public Panel Discussion

The Nature of Space and Time: An Evening of Speculation


Thursday 7 September 2006

Queens Lecture Theatre, Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Organisers: S Majid (Queen Mary) and J Butterfield (Oxford)

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    as part of the Newton Institute workshop on Noncommuative Geometry and Physics: Fundamental Structure of Space and Time (4 - 8 September 2006)

Panel Members:

  • Professor Alain Connes
  • Rev. Dr. Michael Heller
  • Professor Shahn Majid
  • Sir Roger Penrose
  • Rev. Dr. John Polkinghorne

Chairman: Jeremy Butterfield

Theme of the Event

A distinguished panel of mathematicians, physicists, theologians and philosophers will explore the nature of space and time from a personal perspective. What do science and philosophical theology have to say to each other about space and time? Is time a continuum? Can the nature of time be separated from the nature of existence and from the human condition? There will be short presentations from each panel member followed by a wide-ranging discussion led by questions from the audience. This is expected to be a lively event fully accessible to the wider public.

At the close of the formal proceedings, which is expected to be around 9:45pm, the audience and panellists will be invited to refreshments in the adjacent Harrod Room, where the discussion may be continued individually.

Open to the public subject to room capacity: Admission free.

There will also be a private pre-event buffet (invitation only) at 7pm for panellists, their accompanying persons, sponsors and selected media. This will be in the Harrod Room adjacent to the theatre.


Registration is not obligatory and there is no fee. To register, please complete the online booking form. Please ensure you submit the form no later than 31 August 2006. Invited participants to the semester long programme and workshop participants whose dates coincide with those of the event need not register.

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