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An Isaac Newton Institute Workshop

Trends in Noncommutative Geometry

Graded 3-dimensional Calabi Yau Algebras

20th December 2006

Author: Raf Bocklandt (UA)


We prove that Graded Calabi Yau Algebras of dimension 3 are isomorphic to path algebras of quivers with relations derived from a superpotential. We show that for a given quiver Q and a degree d, the set of good superpotentials of degree d, i.e. those that give rise to Calabi Yau algebras is either empty or almost everything (in the measure theoretic sense). We also give some constraints on the structure of quivers that allow good superpotentials, and for the simplest quivers we give a complete list of the degrees for which good superpotentials exist.

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