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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Managing Uncertainty

23 Jul--10 Aug 2001

Organisers: Professor P Embrechts (Zurich), Dr WJ Fitzgerald (Cambridge), Dr DJ Goodman (British Antartic Survey), Professor RL Smith (North Carolina)

List of long stay invited participants

for the programme Managing Uncertainty

Namevisit datesStat
Antunes, AM (UMIST)29 Jul - 3 AugD
Balkema, AA (Amsterdam)22 Jul - 3 AugD
Bu"hlmann, P (ETH Z\"urich)22 Jul - 25 JulD
Davison, AC (SFITL)22 Jul - 2 AugD
Dempster, M (Cambridge)23 Jul - 10 AugD
De Vries, C (Tinbergen)22 Jul - 4 AugD
Embrechts, P (ETH Zurich)22 Jul - 11 AugD
Fitzgerald, WJ (Cambridge)23 Jul - 10 AugD
Goodman, DJ (FST)23 Jul - 10 AugD
Harvey, A (Cambridge)23 Jul - 10 AugD
Heath, D23 Jul - 8 AugD
Hughes, GL (UMIST)29 Jul - 2 AugD
Namevisit datesStat
Kitagawa, G (ITS)22 Jul - 9 AugD
Ledford, AW (Surrey)23 Jul - 27 JulD
31 Jul - 1 AugD
Mikosch, T (Copenhagen)24 Jul - 4 AugD
Mykland, P (Chicago)22 Jul - 11 AugD
Pesaran, MH (Cambridge)23 Jul - 10 AugD
Pitt, M (Warwick)23 Jul - 4 AugD
Rosales, R (IVIC) 1 Aug - 10 AugD
Smith, RL (North Carolina)23 Jul - 11 AugD
Starica, C (Chalmers)23 Jul - 9 AugD
Young, P (Lancaster)22 Jul - 10 AugD
Zhang, Z (North Carolina)23 Jul - 10 AugD

Please note: This list contains the names of those attending the programme for fifteen days or more. For information on those attending for fourteen days or fewer please see: Short stay participants.

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