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Photospheric MHD simulations of solar pores

Cameron, R (MPS, Katlinburg-Lindau)
Tuesday 14 September 2004, 10:10-10:35

Seminar Room 1, Newton Institute


We have performed simulations of solar pores using the MURaM -- Max-Planck Institute for Aeronomy, University of Chicago, RAdiative Magnetohydrodynamics -- code. The code is a MHD code and includes both radiative transfer and the effects of partial ionization, both of which are necessary for a realistic treatment of the photosphere. The simulations allow a direct comparison with observations to be made. We shall present such a comparison of the temperature structure, the magnetic and velocity fields, and the centre to limb variation of the intensity. Part of the value of this type of simulation is that the knowledge of the full state of the system allows the physics to be understood, and so we shall relate our comparison between the simulation and observation to the underlying physics.


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