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An Isaac Newton Institute Workshop

Large-Scale Computation in Astrophysics <br> (Supported by the European Commission, Sixth Framework Programme - Marie Curie Conferences and Training Courses - MSCF-CT-2003-503674)

Supernovae and Numerical (R)MHD: Challenges and Developments

13th October 2004

Author: Ewald Mueller (Max-Planck-Institut fuer Astrophysik, Garching, Germany)


After reviewing the current paradigm of core collapse supernova physics, the delayed neutrino driven explosion mechanism, possible effects of magnetic fields on the dynamics of core collapse supernovae are discussed. In order to simulate such effects robust and accurate MHD or RMHD schemes for multi-dimensional supersonic flow are required. To this end some interesting developments in numerical (R)MHD will be addressed. Finally, recent results from magneto-rotational core collapse simulations are presented, and future developments in the field are pointed out.