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Magnetic Reconnection Theory (MRT) Newsletter 1

Many thanks indeed for your contributions towards making the MRT Programme and the Workshop so successful.  I really enjoyed all the interactions and new ideas and look forward to hearing how these develop in future.

In order to try and keep the momentum that we have built up during the last month, I thought it may be an idea to have an occasional newsletter, keeping us in touch with developments and the follow-ups from the Programme, so if you would like to send me any news in future to be included in later newsletters, please feel free to do so (eg preprints, meetings, developments in collaborations and so on).

Can you please send me any photos that you took during the month here and that you are happy to form part of a photogallery ?

Also, can you be sure to send me any preprints, reprints electronically as they appear, so that I can link them to the MRT site ?

The MRT web site will be maintained and will hopefully contain
news, progress and publications.

Joachim has agreed to edit a book on the current state of understanding of fluid and collisionless reconnection, written largely by the long-term participants in the programme.  He has produced a draft of sections of such a book and has submitted it to Cambridge University Press for their consideration.  I attach a copy of the proposal, so if you have any suggestions please send them to Joachim and if you would like to help any of the authors of chapters by sending them material or papers please feel free to do so.

Also, Joerg Buchner has agreed to look into the possibility of helping to continue our collaborations by proposing a set of ISSI workshops in Berne - and will keep us in touch with progress in the next newsletter.

Happy reconnecting