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An Isaac Newton Institute Workshop

Reconnection in the Sun and Magnetosphere (Hewlett-Packard and Spitalfields Days)

Reconnection and Coronal Heating

9th August 2004

Author: Clare Parnell (University of St Andrews)


The role of driven reconnection in the heating of the background corona and small-scale events such as nanoflares, microflares and bright points will be the focus of the talk. Clearly, the dynamics of the magnetic carpet play a major role in all these phenomena. Furthermore, from detailed tracking of the solar magnetic carpet, estimates have been made as to the time it takes to completely reconnect all the magnetic field in the corona, i.e. estimates of the coronal reconnection recycle time have been found. These estimates suggest that, through motions of the magnetic fragments alone, the corona flux can be reconnected in 3 hours whereas, if emergence and cancellation are included, the flux is recycled in 1.4 hours.