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An Isaac Newton Institute Workshop

Reconnection in the Sun and Magnetosphere (Hewlett-Packard and Spitalfields Days)

The electron dissipation region in collisionless magnetic reconnection, and the role of the electron heat flux

Authors: Michael Hesse (NASA/GSFC), Masha Kuznetsova (NASA/GSFC), Joachim Birn (LANL)


We present an analysis based on particle-in-cell simulations and kinetic theory of the electron dissipation region in component merging. Specifically, we will derive scaling laws of the electron demagnetization scale based on electron nongyrotropy effects, which continue to play the dominant role even in the presence of a guide field. We will compare our results to those of other recent and on-going investigations, and derive a general expression of the reconnection electric field for guide-field magnetic reconnection. The role of electron heat flux will be discussed explicitly.