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Quantum Information for Optical Microscopy

Gross, D (Universität Freiburg)
Friday 06 September 2013, 16:30-17:30

Seminar Room 1, Newton Institute


Co-authors: Richard Küng (University of Freiburg), Felix Krahmer (University of Goettingen)

Optical sensors pick up the intensity of light fields, but are insensitive to phase. It is, however, conceivable that an "overcomplete" set of intensity measurements may allow one to reconstruct the complete state of the light field emanating from a given object. In the past two years, stable algorithms with rigorous performance guarantees for this "phase recovery problem" have been developed. They are ultimately based on low-rank matrix recovery algorithms whose technical analysis has benefited from methods originating in quantum information. I will review these developments and present new results towards the de-randomization of phase estimation protocols.

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