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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

New Mathematical Directions for Quantum Information

2-6 September 2013

Organisers: Ashley Montanaro (Bristol), Noah Linden (Bristol) and Andreas Winter (Bristol/Barcelona)

in association with the Newton Institute programme Mathematical Challenges in Quantum Information
(27 August - 20 December 2013)

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S Al-Safi (University of Cambridge) Simulating all non-signalling correlations via classical or quantum theory with negative probabilities Abstract
M Bavarian (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Information Causality, Non-local Computation and CHSH over Finite Fields Abstract
G De las Cuevas (Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik) Mixed state decompositions: Tensor Networks and beyond Abstract
T Farrelly (University of Cambridge)
M-H Hsieh (University of Technology Sydney)
A Malabarba (University of Bristol) Quantum Equilibration for a Particle in a Box Poster | Abstract
M Oszmaniec (Centrum Fizyki Teoretycznej PAN) Typical properties entanglement on manifolds of isospectral density matrices Abstract
CD Perry (University College London) Conclusive Exclusion of Quantum States Abstract
D Pitalúa-García (University of Cambridge) Sphere colourings and Bell inequalities Abstract
R Ramanathan (University of Gdansk) Free randomness amplification using bipartite chain correlations Abstract
M Rosicka (University of Gdansk) Generalized XOR games Abstract
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