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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Generalized Pauli constraints and their physical relevance

Presenter: Daniel Ebler (ETH Zuerich)

Co-authors: Christian Schilling (ETH Zuerich), Matthias Christandl (ETH Zuerich)


The Pauli exclusion principle is a constraint on the occupation numbers of fermionic quantum states. Just a few years ago a multitude of further and stronger constraints on these numbers have been found. We explore the physical relevance of those generalized Pauli constraints by studying a physical system of N-fermions in a harmonic trap with harmonic interaction. Intriguingly, for each N we find that the occupation numbers of the ground state are very close to the boundary of the allowed region. This effect of so-called quasi-pinning is physically relevant in the sense that it corresponds to a very specific and simplified structure of the corresponding N-fermions quantum state.

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