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Resonances for large ergodic systems

Klopp, F (UniversitÚ Paris 13 Nord)
Tuesday 16 December 2008, 15:30-16:30

Seminar Room 1, Newton Institute


In this talk, we consider Schr÷dinger operators where the potential is the restriction of an ergodic potential to a large cube. We study the resonances i.e. the poles of the scattering matrix of this operator in the limit when the size of the cube goes to infinity. Depending on the characteristics of the limit ergodic Schr÷dinger operator, the resonances, in particular, the resonances widths, exhibit very different behaviors. We will concentrate on the case of the dimension one and on two types of ergodic potentials, a periodic one and an homogeneous random one. The work presented is still in progress.


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