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Anderson Localization Transition: Introductory Training Course

14 July to 25 July 2008

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK

Organisers:Martin Zirnbauer (Cologne)

in association with the Newton Institute programme Mathematics and Physics of Anderson Localization: 50 Years After (14 July to 19 December 2008)

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Accepted Posters:

Name Title Abstract Poster
Allcock, J Quantum communication beyond the localization length in disordered spin chains Abstract
Ando, M Field-induced disorder and carrier localization in molecular organic transistors Abstract
Ebrahimi Pour Faez, S Various aspects of Anderson localization of waves: photons versus electrons Abstract
Jivulescu, MA Exact dynamics of a disordered spin star system Abstract
Kirst, C Synchornization in neural networks using random matrix theory Abstract
Müller, S Bunched periodic orbits: the skeleton of classical and quantum chaos Abstract
Niry, MD Renormalisation group analysis and numerical simulation of propagation and localization of acoustic waves in heterogeneous media Abstract
Saberi, AA Conformal invariance of lso-height lines in two-dimensional KPZ surface Abstract
Senouci, K Electronic transport in nonlinear random n-mer system Abstract
Sepehrinia, R Dynamic renormalisation group analysis of propagation of elastic waves in two-dimensional heterogeneous media Abstract
Sheikhan Soudani, A Localization length of waves in disordered media and red-shift of spectral density Abstract

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