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On the modular interpretation of the Nagaraj-Seshadri locus

Schmitt, A (Free University of Berlin)
Thursday 26 May 2011, 15:15-16:15

Seminar Room 1, Newton Institute


We will survey constructions of moduli spaces for principal bundles on nodal curves over the complex numbers. This includes a moduli space for torsion free sheaves A of rank r and degree zero on an irreducible nodal curve X which are endowed with a homomorphism d: ∧^r A → O_X which is an isomorphism away from the node. It is a degeneration of the moduli space of SL_r(C)-bundles on a smooth curve. In many cases, this moduli space puts a scheme structure on the "Nagaraj-Seshadri locus" inside the moduli space of semistable torsion free sheaves of rank r and degree zero.


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