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Deforming convex real projective 3-orbifolds

Choi, S; Choi, K (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
Thursday 17 March 2011, 16:30-17:30



A convex real projective 3-orbifold is the quotient orbifold of a convex domain in $RP^3$ by a discrete group of projective automorphisms in $PGL(4, R)$. Hyperbolic 3-orbifolds form a subclass. The convex real projective 3-manifolds were begun to be studied by Cooper, Long, and Thistlethwaite. We will summarize some of the recent results on deforming convex real projective structures on 3-dimensional orbifolds, including those of Benoist, myself, Marquis, Lee, Hodgson, Cooper, Tillman, and so on. In particular, a numerical study of real projective structures on Coxeter orbifolds is included. Finally, we discuss open problems in this area. Our topic is related to understanding the deformations of $SL(4,R)$-representations of discrete groups.

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